Feb 112015

Having arrived Sunday evening I had breakfast at JBs the restaurant near my hotel and then went to  the library. I knew that on the 3rd floor of the library a special event would be occurring that morning: an onsite production of “Mondays with Myrt

I had watched these sessions on YouTube and was looking forward to seeing it done (and meeting Pat Richley-Erickson in person (Dear Myrtle is her nom de plume)). 

 Pat has been online since 1985 and has been heavily involved in many areas of genealogy. She writes the consistently top rated blog DearMyrtle and does a number of sessions a week: Monday with Myrt, Wacky Wednesday, Genealogy Game Night and more. She also runs the Geneawebinars Calendar, teaches classes and I don’t know where she finds the time to do it all.

So as you can imagine I was thrilled with the opportunity to see the production.

I arrived as things were being set up:

And then Jenny Joyce and I were invited to become part of the Hangout as an onsite participant! There were also seven participants who were external to the site and they were situated around the world.

Myrt interviewed David Pugmire who is one of the brains behind the Innovators Summit where people with ideas of how to integrate technology and genealogy have a chance to spruik their ideas and on Friday the winner will be determined.

I had a wonderful time!

All of Myrt’s Hangouts are available to see on her YouTube Channel and I would strongly recommend visiting and seeing what is there.

DearMyrtle will be doing AmbushCam segments during the combined Rootstech/FGS conference so you will get to hear interviews with all the top players in the genealogy arena.

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