Jun 262012

Queensland what happened to the sun??? The cold front that was making the southern areas so cold a few days ago decided to come north for a holiday,  maybe it wanted to visit the Expo too!
While the weather hasn’t been as kind as we had hoped the coffee van helped keep people warm and I was more prepared today for the cold than yesterday. 

It has been a hectic, exciting two days and no wonder, as there have been many fantastic talks and today there was even a Google Hangout with Dan Lynch in the USA giving a presentation on “Google Tips and Tricks”. It is pretty amazing when you think of it, our ancestors traveled around the world taking many days to travel to the other side of the world and today we had a presentation in Brisbane given by someone in the USA! 
The technology worked pretty well for a first attempt and Dan came across loud and clear. A slight hiccup at the end but the audience was thrilled and  I could hear people planning on doing some searches. truly the mark of a good presentation when people leave motivated about your topic!
And people were definitely motivated last night after Shauna Hick’s presentation on Church Records. Shauna is always a great speaker and apart from really knowing her topic it is the real life examples given that show the audience how the information can be applied.

Audrey Collins has been giving amazing presentations and if you get the chance, run don’t walk to get to her presentations. Audrey is doing a tour down the East Coast (Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne) so some of you do have the chance to hear her talk. The talk today on London Gazettes showed the amazing gems available in this record and that it is so much more than a paper for medals and bankrupts and I am very much looking forward to her presentation tomorrow on:  The will forgeries: Organised crime, identity theft and wrongful conviction in the 1840s 

I gave three presentations yesterday and another today. I really enjoy speaking and hearing from the audience how they have solved their problems and sharing in their research. Apart from speaking and dropping in to other talks when I could I have been meeting up with people as part of the Research Help Zone or at the ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions. 

There is a wonderful feeling when you are talking to someone about their problem and you are able to suggest a possible solution to their previously insurmountable brick wall. It is even more special when you go looking through some records and you are able to find something which helps them. The excitement is shared by all!

There are also a great range of exhibitors and I haven’t had a chance to visit as many as I would like so hopefully I’ll manage that tomorrow. There is the always helpful State Library and State Archives staff who have put so much time and effort in making research guides to showcase their resources. Family history societies are well represented by Genealogical Society of Queensland, Queensland Family History Society, Coopers Plains Local History Group , Royal Historical Society of Queensland, 
 Friends of Toowong Cemetery Association  and more that I hope to visit tomorrow.
I have also been explaining about the Guild of One Name Studies and how their members can help family historians as Guild members spend their time collecting anything to do with their surname of interest. I have also been speaking with some Expo attendees who are considering becoming Guild members as they have already been collecting information worldwide in relation to their special name.
I managed a chance to say a few quick words to some of my blogging friends but unfortunately was not able to spend much time and not any time at all with a number of other blogging friends.  So Fi, Tanya, Pauleen, I hope to catch up with you again soon with more free time.
So much to tell you about the Expo but it is time for sleep ready for another day tomorrow, the last day of the Expo. (Hopefully my camera will have charged by then so i can take some photos) In the meantime have a look at photos on Carole’s Google album and on Jill’s blog And both of these people are much better photographers than myself!
Even though it is a bit sad roll on tomorrow for another day of talks excitement and the lure of problem solving and wondering what conumdrum will be presented next.

Jun 252012

Unlock the Past Queensland Expo 2012

The day outside was a bit dull and cold but inside the exhibitors have been setting up. The coffee van has been getting a work-out due tot he chill. Not sure what happened to sunny Queensland
Then the family historians started arriving and are now looking at the goodies on display and asking  the exhibitors research questions.

In a few minutes the first talks will start. Kerry Farmer is talking on DNA and Stephanie Ryan is talking on Shipping and Immigration to Queensland.

Jun 122012
I have had a wonderful two days giving a total of ten presentations at Atherton Library. Specialist librarian Gwen Price did all the organisation resulting in two smoothly running days. 
There were fifty enthusiastic genealogists each day who came from all over the Tablelands and up from Cairns  to hear the presentations and to share their joys and woes in their research. It is great talking to an enthusiastic, interactive audience as we all had a ball!
Special thanks to Gwen and also to Cynthia Edwards from the Cairns Family History Society who kindly drove me via two different routes to Atherton, so I could enjoy the wonderful scenery. There was lots of laughter and talking between Amanda, Eileen, Cynthia and myself during the trips!

Cynthia also told me of some of the great family history projects in which the Cairns Society are involved. The memorial walk in the Pioneer Cemetery sounds a wonderful idea!

The weather was also fantastic! Bright blue skies, shining sun, very different to what I have been experiencing at home.

There was even an announcement of a new Mining Museum Archives to be situated at the Herberton Historic Village.