Jul 252012
J is for Jelly the maiden name of Elizabeth who married William Evans the subject of my previous post I is for Inquest

Elizabeth was born in Enfield, Middlesex in 1825 and christened 31 Dec 1825 at St Andrews Enfield.  Enfield is now a suburb of London but at this time was a satellite village.
Her father Thomas William Jelly was a baker and his wife Sarah nee Robinson was the daughter of a miller. Thomas’ father was Thomas as well.

Now Elizabeth’s grandfather Thomas got himself into a little bit of trouble as one of his customers complained he had short-weighted the loaf of bread.

I found out about his trouble by doing a search on Access to Archives which is a great resource. It is a combined catalogue of a number of archives. Unfortunately it is no longer being supported but it does contain entries from around 450 archives around England, including some quite unusual ones. 

Some of the entries are very detailed while others will just tell you that the archives has a bundle of papers covering a date range dealing with  a parish etc.

So I found this entry:

With this information I was able to access the file while on a trip to London. The images were taken with my digital camera at the London Metropolitan Archives (after paying  a small fee)

This is 1799 and Thomas  was fined 36 pounds which seems a huge sum of money. As you can imagine Thomas was fairly unhappy about this and he appealed the conviction.

And the following court session the conviction was quashed. The interesting thing was it did not give any evidence as to why the conviction should be quashed.

I looked further through the indexed court sessions and did not find another complaint against Thomas.

Thomas continues working as a baker until his death December 1840 in Enfield. He was buried  December 8 1840 in the St  Andrews Enfield churchyard.