Oct 132016

Hooray FTDNA has now added a Pedigree View on their site.

I was the primary person on this one and so cut off my details.

You can then click on a person such as Robert Henry Philpott and get the further details as shown below.

Now this lovely new Pedigree View is only of value if someone has uploaded their Gedcom.

FTDNA has been encouraging people to upload their Gedcoms for quite a while but there has not been the take-up we would all like (although hopefully everyone who is bemoaning no Gedcoms have uploaded their own!).

And of course it is really no different to Ancestry where there are very, very many DNA tests that have no tree attached. It would be nice to know if the people who have no tree attached have an Ancestry subscription.

I am assured by Ancestry that you can add a tree if you are someone who only has a DNA test and  was told they are encouraged to do so when activating the test.

From what I have been able to determine from this help page on Ancestry the DNA test only member can contact matches and receive messages. They cannot view the trees of their matches.