Jun 122012
I have had a wonderful two days giving a total of ten presentations at Atherton Library. Specialist librarian Gwen Price did all the organisation resulting in two smoothly running days. 
There were fifty enthusiastic genealogists each day who came from all over the Tablelands and up from Cairns  to hear the presentations and to share their joys and woes in their research. It is great talking to an enthusiastic, interactive audience as we all had a ball!
Special thanks to Gwen and also to Cynthia Edwards from the Cairns Family History Society who kindly drove me via two different routes to Atherton, so I could enjoy the wonderful scenery. There was lots of laughter and talking between Amanda, Eileen, Cynthia and myself during the trips!

Cynthia also told me of some of the great family history projects in which the Cairns Society are involved. The memorial walk in the Pioneer Cemetery sounds a wonderful idea!

The weather was also fantastic! Bright blue skies, shining sun, very different to what I have been experiencing at home.

There was even an announcement of a new Mining Museum Archives to be situated at the Herberton Historic Village.

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