DNA Case Studies: Resolving Genealogical Mysteries

DNA has become an important tool in resolving DNA mysteries due to unknown parentage, loss of records etc. Like any record type there is a research process to follow for best results.

Genealogical Society of Queensland

Use of Investigative Genetic Genealogy

6 February 2024 Tuesday 10.30am

Investigative genetic genealogy has been used in a number of well publicised criminal cases internationally as well as in cases of unknown remains including unknown military remains. It has been announced that it is being trialled in Australia. This presentation will look at what it is and how it differs from traditional forensic police DNA testing.

Probus Indooroopilly, Queensland

No Death Certificate? What now?

29 February 2024 Rootstech Online

As genealogists it is important to follow people to the end but civil registration starts at varied times in different places so a death certificate may not be available to help you complete your ancestor’s life.  What other sources of death information are there? How do you find them?

FamilySearch: Essential search strategies to maximise your results 

26 March 2024 Tuesday 10am AEST

The free FamilySearch site is home to more than four billion images. There are many collections that have been indexed to name level and there are search techniques for these indexed records. The continuous digital filming crews working around the world and the recent completion of digitising the microfilms from the Granite vault has added many, many images that are not indexed to name level.  This means you need a multi-pronged approach to maximise your search results.

Strathpine Library, 1 Station Street, Strathpine, 4500 Queensland (07) 3480 6698

Researching in Kent, England

3 May 2024   (4 May 2024 Saturday 4am AEST) Zoom

Kent, known as the Garden of England, has a wealth of genealogical records but locating those records can take some investigation, with records divided between at least three archives. Then, some parishes that were formally in Kent were absorbed into Greater London, adding another four archives into the mix. Genealogical research can be done knowing when and where the records can be accessed.

Legacy FamilyTree Webinars

1 August 2024

Caloundra Family History Research DNA Seminar day

Topics to be determined

Australian Genealogy Unleashed: Genealogical Problem Solving Techniques

13-18 October 2024 Salt Lake City, Utah  Week long Institute

European settlement started in Australia in 1788, initially with the convicts who could no longer be sent to America, but increasingly from the 1820s with free settlers from the United Kingdom (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales), many with the promise of a free or assisted passage. The Australian colonies sent Emigration Agents to the UK to spruike the virtues of the Australian colonies. This is the same geographic areas from which an estimated 10 million people went to  the USA and the British Empire/Commonwealth countries including Australia,  Canada, South Africa and also New Zealand in the 19th century. It is not unusual to have families within a few generations going to different countries based on availability of passage especially if assisted through programs in the UK or in the destination countries.

The advent of autosomal DNA has reinforced the spread of people from the United Kingdom around the world . As well as the emigration from the United Kingdom there is also the movement of people searching for trade or opportunities from the early whaling ships, to the gold rushes to World Wars 1 & 2. Not everyone stayed in their first destination, moving on to seek a better future, from  Australia to North America  and vice versa.

Join Helen in person (or access to recordings can be purchased) as we go through the records pre-and post Federation. These will include immigration (both involuntary and voluntary!), vital records, education, occupations, the law, probate, military and more. There will be case studies on how to find and use the records and how to find the ancestors/relatives lost in Australia.

International Society for British Genealogy and family History

18th Unlock the Past Cruise

1-10 December 2024

Topics TBA Join us and have an immersive Genealogy educational experience on the sea days while also having the cruising lifestyle with touristing on shore.