Google: The Genealogist’s Friend

Everyone knows Google as the most used search engine in the world, but for genealogists it can do so much more to further their family history research.

Finding an image of the ship on which your ancestor went to war, using Street view to walk the streets of your ancestral area, translating that document, finding that distant cousin who has the photos of family bible, mapping their migration path – these are just some of the ways you can use Google in your family history.


Just Google it!

Google search

•  Automatic AND

•  OR

•  Quotation marks

•  Wildcard (*)

•  Excluding terms

•  Tilde

•  Search for specific file types

•  AROUND ()

•  Number range

•  Other operators

•  Use Google’s Advanced Search form

•  Cached sites

Google Alerts

Google Images

•  Reverse image search

Google Accounts

•  Gmail

•  Google Keep

•  Google Calendar

•  Google Drive

•  Google Docs

•  Google Sheets

•  Google Slides

•  Google Drawings

•  Google Forms

Google Translate

•  Translate text

•  Translate documents

•  Translate web sites to any language

•  Finding documents

Google+ (G+)

•  Circles

•  Communities

Google Hangouts

Google Groups

YouTube: more than cat videos

Google Books

•  Searching the database

•  My library

Google News

Google Scholar

Google Blogs: Blogger

Google Patents


•  Web Albums

•  Facial recognition

•  Backups

Google Photos

Google Maps

•  Panoramio

•  My Maps

Google Earth


Other Details

Media: BOOK – paperback, 52 pages

Author: H. Smith

Year: 2016

ISBN: 9781925323450

Other: b&w and colour photos, index

Publisher: Unlock the Past

“This book was so helpful in my research, and filled with so much useful information!
Highly recommend to anyone in this field!”

- James Hoffen

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