Jul 222012

Thanks to Alona for thinking of this Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge  I am continuing, a bit late, with F.
My Grandfather, William George Busby, loved his football. 

He attended all the home games and listened every weekend (in fact most of the weekend, even when he was in the garden with his beloved roses he had the transistor radio blaring the game) to all the other games.

He followed the Fortitude Valley Team known as the Diehards although they were generally just known as Valleys.

I am sure modern supporters would like to pay $1.50 for a Grand Final ticket!
As part of his football fever he played the Courier Mail’s  Find the Ball competition every week.  A photo was published of a moment in a game with the image of the ball removed. You had to guess where the ball was to win a weekly prize. The prize was quite good, as was generally over a thousand pounds. 

Finally in the week 30 October 1954 he hit the jackpot! That week the prize would be

As you can imagine there was lots of excitement in the house with plans being made as to what to buy.

There was only one slight problem:

So his share was only 127 pounds, still a nice windfall but not the jackpot for which he had been hoping!

The dreams had to be reined in a bit but he did use the money to buy Grandma a nice watch!