Mar 082015

Today is International Women’s Day and March is Women’s History Month. It is important to celebrate and tell our female ancestors’ stories as often these are not told enough.

Today I am going to show the images of some women of my line.

My Mother Violet Noreen Busby 1940-2012 aged 17

My maternal Grandmother Myrtle Doris Weeks 1917 – 2001 aged about 18 

My paternal Grandmother Lilian Maud Philpott 1910-1976 aged 51 at her son’s wedding

My Great grandmother Violet Rollason 1885-1957 before her marriage guessing around 1900, mother of Myrtle Doris Weeks

Another Great Grandmother Alice Jane Lewis 1873-1966 around 1899 mother of Lillian Maud Philpott)

A Great Great Grandmother Lucy Evans 1860-1936 (mother of Violet Rollason) date unknown but guessing around 1900 or so

My Great Great Grandmother Elizabeth Cleaver 1824 – 1898 mother of Richard John Rollason husband to Lucy Evans

These are just some of the women who have contributed to me being me.