Sep 202013

This was an excellent class.  Given by the Trove Team extraordinaire! 

Most of whom are in this picture2013-09-20 10.27.12. They gave a great presentation of the treasures available 
on Trove.

Take note of the lovely mugs displayed on the table in front of the amazing Trove Team. I really, really wanted one of these mugs!

(The mugs were given to audience members who had a hand-drawn cow on their feedback forms and I thought this was a great way of determining who would get the mug. I was even happier to find that I had a hand-drawn cow on my feedback form so am now the proud owner of a Trove Mug!)

But back to the great information  provided by the trove Team.

The range of small museum collections such as these:  Flinders Shire historical photos:  or the Tasmania Maritime Museum

Some of the  toolsmentioned:

One tool is QueryPic which provides a simple visualisation of a set of search results. Try it for yourself!

Another is Lists.  Lists are a great way of showcasing research items, such as Mr Mares, weatherman Lists in Trove are valuable resources and can be public of private.

Photos, newspaper articles & more from Trove can be put in lists and you can also put webpages into your lists

Want to create your own list? Watch this screencast made by Trove to find out more about making Lists. There are many public lists made by Trove users including believe it or not lists about mowers! 

2013-09-20 10.51.57
This Wordle image presented in the talk by the trove Team of the top terms in lists has as you would expect Family as one of the key words, also the ever popular names William, John and in the corner the term mower!

The Trove Team is continuing to work to improve the trove experience for all its users and there will be some changes happening soon, to in their words “de-clutter the screen”

There are so many things to explore on the Trove site so head on over to Trove and have fun researching!

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