Sep 202013

Now I am not saying this in a bid to make you panic but as a gentle reminder that it is not too soon to start to plan your special genealogy Christmas gifts and the Genealogy Guerrilla action you are planning for this year.

There are many options for genealogy gifts and I gave some ideas in this post a couple of years ago. All of these are still great options for getting the family involved. If your family’s eyes glaze over with fear when they see you coming with that “Genealogical Fervor” in your eyes you will need to work out ways of sneaking Genealogy into your Christmas.

The family calendar of ancestral photographs, the lovely coffee table photo book of old photos with information about the photo, the Powerpoint show playing in the background, the family memento casually left on the table are all ways of getting the family hooked.

There are many more creative people than me around and I met with some at the New Zealand Family History Fair a month or so ago.The two creative lovely ladies, Fiona Brooker and Lauren Bavin from Memories in Time had some great ideas of what you could do such as this very tactile one.

A close-up of one of the Ancestor envelopes above

I really liked this because few people could resist pulling on the tag to see what the tag said. You could have an Ancestor Chain linked on your mantle or even as separate tags on the Christmas Tree. Maybe even have them as  gift tags on the presents?

Ancestral magnets on the fridge?  Ancestral Place-cards? To which ancestor do you bear the most resemblance?

What Genealogy Guerrilla actions have you planned for this Christmas?

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