Jun 252014

I did the “Genealogy Happy Dance” this week.

Back in April 2009 a number of descendents of Richard and Lucy Rollason got together, many for the first time.

Lucy Rollason’s album

For the day I made a Powerpoint show of information and photos from my Rollason research. It included the obvious things such as when and where they were born,
when they emigrated (Richard in 1863 aboard the Light Brigade, Lucy Evans in 1864 aboard the Young Australia), their children, house etc.

Elizabeth Runnegar & Holly (To Auntie Lucy from Lizzie 1909)

I had inherited Lucy’s photo album and included photos from there.

Among the known photos there were also a number of unknown photos so I put these in the presentation hoping that someone would be able to identify them. No one was able to identify them on the day but I had made a CD of the Powerpoint and the photos for all attending.

Eleen Klumpp (Patterson) & daughter Ivy
Evelyn Lucy Klumpp daughter of Samuel Klumpp

So it is important to spread your images far and wide because you never know when or where you will find success!

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