Feb 102013

Well woke up excited as today is boarding day for the cruise.  Left Hornsby and was driven by a kindly chauffeur to the cruise terminal where we unloaded the luggage (lots of luggage as also stuff for the conference). Will share that photo at a later stage as download lead is in my luggage which has not been delivered as yet.

Then the very short walk to the cruise terminal where you could see the ship from quite a way away as it is a large ship.

Here it is below against the Sydney icon: the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

 The other Sydney icon: the Sydney Opera House.

We managed to get early check-on and got on-board to check out the most important part of the ship.
No, not my room but the Conference Centre which will be our hub of activity for the next nine days.

You will hear a lot more about this in the coming days. Registration is later this afternoon as is our lifeboat drill.then dinner and then our ‘Meet and Greet’ where the Genies will mingle.

Hopefully we will also get a Geneabloggers photo then as we have at least nine Geneabloggers as part of conference. We will also be getting a Genealogists for Families photo as there a number of us aboard.

The talks start in the Conference Centre tomorrow.

  7 Responses to “3rd Unlock the Past Cruise 10 February 2013”

  1. Wow ! Look at that ship. She's a beauty! Have lots of fun for me šŸ™‚

  2. I love the photo from Circular Quay. Having the Harbour Bridge in the background really shows the size of the ship!

  3. Have a fabulous time Helen! I really would have loved to have gone on the cruise, but could hardly justify it, as it is less than a month since our cruise ship from NZ docked right there! I don't think work would have been too impressed.

  4. Alex she is an amazing ship. Quite a size. Just learning my way around. There is actually a CAR parked on the Promenade mall on deck 5 outside a restaurant. You actually walk past it before it clicks that it is a car!

  5. It is a big size. Internet quite patchy. Only a few wi-fi points so posts will be a bit intermittent (still on Bigpond at present).

  6. Chris, no I suspect not! But we would have understood. Maybe the next cruise. February next year.

  7. Have a great time!
    Wish i was on the cruise.
    Hopefully 2015 cruise for me
    Regards to all

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