May 102012

It was fantastic to receive my copy of Inside History issue 10 this evening as it is always a great read.  The artwork and layout is spectacular as can be seen by this cover picture. 

If you haven’t read any issues, I strongly recommend picking up a copy and then subscribing. Incidentally it is now also available as a digital issue for the iPad and soon for Android.

I have written articles previously for Inside History and it is still on my to-do list to submit one, at least, hopefully more articles this year.

What was even more wonderful was to start reading and come to an article penned by Australian blogger Jill Ball also known as Geniaus which was about her top 50 blogs that every genealogist needs to follow. 

I settled in for a good read and there it was; my blog, this blog mentioned as one of the top 50! 

You can imagine the smile on my face at that point!
People are reading, enjoying and finding useful what I write and that is a fabulous feeling.

I am very pleased to be in a list that includes Shauna Hicks and Judy Webster and many others that I read on a regular basis!
It is a great article that includes many blogs already on my list and a few are not but that I am looking forward to reading!

There are a wide variety  of blogs including libraries, societies, personal historians, speciality topics, international sites and organisation blogs. I am sure you will find hours of reading pleasure. 

  4 Responses to “Top 50 Genealogy Bloggers!”

  1. Me too ! Me too! Such a lovely surprise yes? Hooray for Jill and the Inside History magazine. It made my day and night and week and month!! Congratulations to you too!

  2. Thank you and to you. It was a great article!

  3. Congrats Helen.

  4. I was surprised and delighted too. There are so many good bloggers writing about family history that it was a privilege to be singled/50'd out.

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