Jul 222014

5th UTP cruise start
  Saturday 19th,  7 hours 31 minutes and 38 seconds to go before the cruise begins. So today is the day we are heading off down the M25 then on the A13 to go to Tilbury Docks  to board  the Marco Polo for the UTP cruise. 
It was a gray day (a bit different to the bright sunshine and 30 degree+ temperatures we had had for the previous couple of days). It was interesting on the drive down to see the large wind turbines in use.
We arrived at the Tilbury Docks Terminal and waited for our meeting with the Cruise Director.
Photos group on the way

The plaque above was before you went into the cruise terminal and the map was inside. There was also this banner talking of the docking of the Empire Windrush in 1948. It was beautifully made. Don’t we look bright in our Unlock the Past Genealogy Cruising shirts?

The Team and the Banner

Then we went on board to have the meeting and see the set-up. Most of the other UTP cruise members were coming down by coach from Victoria and there was a hold-up with one coach which didn’t arrive until 4.30 or so.Registration

After the meeting it was time to set up for registration and to welcome the UTP cruise participants aboard. Interestingly being Australians we had to hand in our passports. Always a strange feeling giving over your passport to other people!

Then at around 5.00pm we had the mandatory Lifeboat drill. 

Not sure the life-jacket will catch on as a fashion statement.Then it was time for the Meet and Greet and then a quiet chat before dinner and bed.

Life jacket on

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