Oct 092013

Crissouli from As They Were blog  asked for a few moments of our time to answer some questions she had posed and this is my response:
1. What is the most important detail you want to find about your  ancestors?
Knowing how they lived and what influenced them in the decisions they made.
2. Do you buy certificates?
Definitely yes! I buy all my direct line but not being made of money can’t afford to buy all certificates for siblings. Where possible in England I will try and get marriage certificates from the parish registers for the siblings.
3.  Do you belong to a paid subscription site, if so, which one/s?
Yes: Findmypast (worldwide), Ancestry (worldwide), The Genealogist, My Heritage plus data,  Origins (what can I say, I am not married and have no children and am working full-time, don’t smoke, don’t eat out often so can justify the subscriptions for the ability to research whenever I want).
4. What has been your ‘best’ find?
5. Who is your favourite ancestor and why?
George Howard Busby, the reason why I started family history and he is a colourful character. Boer War, fireman, ambulance-driver (gets the sack from that), per him a policeman in New Guinea not that I have been able to prove that,  Soldier at Gallipoli, recruiting sergeant for the Lilley Electorate after he is discharged as no longer being fit enough after being wounded at Gallipoli, press photographer, engine driver, fisherman and who knows what else?
6. What are you looking for on a regular basis?
Any bit of information that fills out my families’ lives.
7. Do you belong to any genealogy group, or family history society?
Yes, again I am not married etc so am a member of Genealogical Society of Queensland, Southern Suburbs branch of the Genealogical Society of Queensland, Queensland Family History Society, Oxfordshire family History Society, Kent Family History Society the New Zealand Society of Genealogists, Southern California Genealogical Society, Guild of One Name Studies
8. Do you belong to any Facebook or other social media genealogy groups? Would you join if there was one available?
Yes, too many to mention them all. Technology for Genealogy, Australian Genealogy, The Organised Genealogist,  Genealogy Bloggers, County Monaghan Genealogy, Rootsweb Genealogist, Genealogy and Historical Databases are just some of them. I answer questions when I can.
9. Have you ever volunteered to transcribe, index etc.? Would you be interested in doing so?
Yes whenever I can’t sleep. I index for FamilySearch, Trove, Queensland State Library, Australian National Archives. I have also been a Ryerson Indexer but not currently indexing for them. All of these previous ones are able to be done online. I have also indexed for Kent Family History Society and a fair while ago for the Genealogical Society of Queensland. Indexing is my way of “paying it forward” in thanks for all the time people have spent indexing in the past that has helped me in my research.
10. What is your personal reason for being involved with genealogy/family history?
I initially started family history research as my Mother never knew her grandfather George Howard Busby. I found out some things, became hooked and will never now be cured! I enjoy the social history, the detective work in finding out, the research and the stories. I enjoy making them people rather than just names and dates.

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