Mar 222013

Well today there were snow showers in Salt Lake City.

Now before you all start laughing at me for being a bit excited, please remember I come from a sub-tropical climate and I don’t ever see snow! So it was quite exciting to see it. This is about the right amount. Yes I know you hardened types routinely manage to deal with many feet of snow but I see it on Christmas cards and the TV!

Snow showers in Salt Lake City

Helen all rugged up!

The snow didn’t stay around once the sun had come up.

We were on our way to RootsTech for the Blogger meet-up and show around the Exhibition Hall of over 100 exhibitors.

  9 Responses to “Snowing in Salt Lake City!”

  1. I was an awesome start to RootsTech!!

  2. Cute Hat. I Also Got A Real Buzz When I Looked Out The Hitel Window At Breakfast Time And Saw The Snowflakes Dancing Down.

  3. Gently snowing again today and it seems to be staying around a bit longer today. Still very different for a girl from Brisbane!

  4. Thanks. It is also a warm hat!

  5. As a fellow Queenslander, I totally understand why you were excited about the snow. Thanks for the photos!

  6. Wish I was there. Have a great time.

  7. ha ha ha… remember how excited I was the first time I experienced snowfall. Was living in Seattle, weather forecast reported snow, stayed up all night waiting for it… M A G I C!!!
    Glad you enjoyed it and are having such a great time. Cheers, Catherine

  8. Sounds like great fun…snow is always exciting to see because we're not familiar with it.

  9. Happy Blog Anniversary! May you have many happy posts ahead!

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