Jul 262012
Continuing with Alona’s Family History Through the Alphabet, it is time for K.
Now I must admit, I changed what I was going to write for K when Pauleen of  Family History Across the Seas blog left a comment on my E for Education post that her father also went to Kelvin Grove School.

The school has put online a collection of old school photos They are not named but you may be able to determine your person among the images. Most are listed by year and class name. 

This is a fantastic idea and I hope more schools follow suit, especially as so many people have lost their photos in disasters including the recent floods. 

The school is also hoping that people might be able to provide copies of other photos they might have to go into the archives.

The girl (with the ribbon and light dress) to the right of the lass who is holding the sign, is my mother Violet in 1948 when she first went to Kelvin Grove.

1952 VIB Mr Topping on left Mum is second from left third rowstanding with white collar on what she remembers as a “blue velvet dress”

My mother was the third generation of her family that went to Kelvin Grove. The children of Richard John Rollason (Mary, James, Violet (my great-grandmother), William, Lily, Herbert, Harold and Arthur) all went to Kelvin Grove. 

Then Violet’s two daughters, Gladys and Myrtle went then my mother. My mother was disappointed that I did not follow in the tradition but it was not practicable when I lived on the other side of town.

I have two unknown photos of Kelvin Grove students.

KG III Boys. Guessing around early 1900s Somewhere in there is a Rollason boy!
KG V Unknown year. Possibly Gladys Weeks sixth girl from left second row but we don’t know for sure.

  7 Responses to “K is for Kelvin Grove School”

  1. Thanks for this great tip-off Helen! I've had a quick look at the site and downloaded a couple so I can enlarge them. So far I haven't spotted my Dad but keep seeing faces that remind me of school mates, so perhaps their parents. I posted one of an unidentified class, including Norman Kunkel,4th fm left in 2nd back row (white shirt). I'll send a copy to the school now I know they're interested.


  2. Forgot to say that I did my scholarship exam at KGSS.

  3. Hi Pauleen I was very happy to find the photos. It is a shame there are no names. Mum and I were involved in some meetings with people who did Scholarship in 1954 (Mum left late 1953 as she was not academically minded, in fact she hated exams with a vengence!).

    Getting the group the agree on the names of their classmates was interesting! Everyone had a go individually then then discussions began and even then a few people were not identified. So trying to go back further becomes even more difficult but it is a shame as I know that one of mine is there!

  4. Great post, Helen. I'm very impressed you had more than one idea for K. It took me over a week to come up with 1 🙂

  5. Fi, it was funny as I had too many options for K.

    Kindness, koalas, kilobyte, kinship were the ones I was tossing around. I think I have worked out ways of incorporating them into some other posts.

  6. Helen, I was surprised that I could remember more of my convent school classmates than others who've lived there all there lives and it's not as if I've remained engaged with the area, so I know what you mean.

  7. School photos are fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

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