Sep 012011

Just about to leave for Melbourne then to Geelong to attend the Unlock the Past Victorian Expo

It is going to be fantastic! There are two streams of talks each day and there are 75+ exhibitors (note to self: Helen be strong remember you have to fly back, limit your book buying!)

I have made a list of which exhibitors I need to see first and have planned out my program.

. I am also very much looking forward to being on the Research help Zone as I love talking to people about their family history and solving their brick-walls so their research can go ahead. So many interesting stories!

So please drop by and say hello.

Now to finish collecting stuff together including those photos about which I want to talk to Retouchery.

They are some photos I really want to fix but just don’t have time or the ability to do myself. Including this one of my father as a young child and his parents about 1942. Dad’s father was killed during WW2 so there are few pictures of them as a family.

I’ll let you know how I get on with this photo.

Now  it is “Hi, Ho, It is off to Expo I go!”

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