Jan 282012
I attended the Lifleline BookFest last  Sunday, which was the last day  of this Bookfest. 

For one week, twice a year, an enormous hall at the Brisbane Convention Centre is filled with trestle tables loaded with books of every genre and topic. These are books which have been donated and as such you can strike gold one time or silver the next.

All proceeds raised from book sales help fund Lifeline’s many counseling services. So you have the double bonus of buying great books and knowing the money you pay is being used to help people.

I have never come away with no books. OK, I admit I love books of every type (except horror). I have found many specialist books at Bookfest including University textbooks, computing books and of course history books.

I spent one hour looking through the books then went off to a wonderful get-together with Genealogists for Families group where we had a lovely lunch and then chatted genealogy for ages. Then back to the Bookfest for three hours. 

I attended on the last day when the prices are reduced and you have options of filling a plastic (biodegradable) shopping bag for $5 but even so I only spent $55 which included the books below as well as forty-five five others. 
The Greater London Street Atlas was very heavy and if I had bought this new and paid for postage from England it would have cost close to this amount.

A selection of my Lifeline Bookfest treasures
A selection of what I found this time is:
Healing the Wounds of War: A History of the Greenslopes Hospital 1942-2002

ISBN 0975014005

Greater London Street Atlas

Queensland Past and Present: 100 Years of Statistics, (1998) ISBN 0724279512

Woman Suffrage in Australia: A Gift or Struggle (1992) ISBN 0521436117

Expressions of Mercy: Brisbane Mater Hospitals 1906-2006 (2006) ISBN 0702235520

The Anzacs at Gallipoli: Scarecrow Army (2005) ISBN 1876372605

The History of Electricity in Queensland (1985) ISBN 095892290 X

The Singing Line(2000) ISBN 0099272822

Ernest Sandford Jackson: Pioneer Australian Surgeon (1987) ISBN Q867762012

Fruitful Mother: St Stephen’s Richmond Parish History 1851-1991 (1993) ISBN 1875650431

Halycon Days: Amateur Radio in Queensland (1987) ISBN 0959616160

Bretts: The Family Tree (2000) ISBN 0646394398

Cobb & Co: Coaching in Queensland (1990) ISBN 072424140 X

Logan: the man, the River and the City (1988) ISBN 0958802114

In the Capacity of a Surgeon (1988) ISBN 0959632123

Australian Historical Studies Journal , ten issues, (an academic journal)
Now I just have to find time to read them!!

  3 Responses to “My latest Book Acquistions”

  1. I'm wondering where you'll put them.

  2. Hmm, that is a bit of an issue. However, I have done some rationalising recently so there should be some space available and if not there is always artistically arranged piles?

  3. What a great selection of titles! I believe piles of books make lovely decorative tables. And good luck finding reading time. If you can send some of that down the coast I'd be most appreciative!

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