Nov 142011

Geniaus has asked us “What is our Tech Routine?” See her response

I am still working full-time so family history research, writing and presenting has to fit in around my work as a Public Health Microbiologist and Molecular Epidemiologist.

 This means I am up early and turn on the computer, after letting out my beautiful German Shepherd who often also acts as my alarm clock. This is particularly so when the plovers start their chorus around sunrise and Shannon answers them! Then I try to play with Shannon. As we live on four acres we exercise around the property in the morning and evening rather than me taking her outside the property for a walk. She also has a Kelpie friend that visits and they chase each other madly around.

I gave up on percolated coffee at home ten years ago because it had been forbidden to my father, who lived with me. I didn’t think it was fair of me to continue to drink it and have the smell wafting through the house when he couldn’t have any. Although he died a number of years ago I have never gotten back in the habit of having coffee at home but do enjoy it when I am out.

I turn the computer on and make myself some tea. I let Shannon back in and then settle to read my emails, Twitter and Facebook and now also the Google+  feeds. I answer anything urgent (and do a quick check of my work emails in case anything has come up overnight or an early teleconference or meeting has been scheduled).

I do a quick read of  blogs through Google reader and also some I get by email. I then try and drop by Genealogy Transcriber blog by Michael John Neill where I test myself interpreting the writing. I do have an advantage here as having spent 25 years interpreting Doctor’s handwriting has been a great help!

Then regretfully it is time to put away the family history and do the things required before heading to work. I do have computer access at work but use it for work rather than Family History as for some strange reason my Boss doesn’t quite understand the importance of Family History!

I tend to work late and generally get home around 7.30pm or so then chat with my Mum for a bit.

Then turn on the computer, listen to the news which has been recorded, have a quick snack and do it all over again until around midnight. My writing occurs when I have time (inspiration isn’t the problem as I could happily be locked away for a few months!) and unfortunately I don’t get as much done as I would like.

(Housework and general living also occurs in there somewhere!)

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  1. If I had a dog do you think I"d be more tempted to exercise? Of course the cat would NOT be pleased;-) Surely all bosses should improve their work performance by understanding the significance of family history.

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