Apr 172011

As a child we never went to restaurants as such, partially this was because money was fairly tight and also three young children in the restaurants of yesterday weren’t a great idea.(We did do a formal dinner once a month at home with the five courses so we learnt what the various forks were for etc. Dad considered this an important part of growing up). We also did a meal once a week using chopsticks, this was not always a Chinese meal so could get quite interesting but you definitely learnt to use chopsticks!

When my grandmother took us out, we did occasionally as a special treat (usually we took sandwiches) go to the Coles restaurant in town (Brisbane). It was a cafeteria and Grandma would sit us at the table, take one of us as a special reward to help with the tray and then would go and get the meals, fish and chips, a ham pastie (only place I have ever seen these and they were scrumptious!) with salad and usually jelly for desert. This stopped when Grandma died in 1976.

In 1978 we moved to Melbourne where we had bought a business (Lord & Kingston, an umbrella shop) and this is where we started going to restaurants, mainly those in Chinatown, the Supper Inn particularly.

Since that time eating out has become more usual although even today I don’t eat out that often, more for celebratory occasions. So some of the childhood excitement lives on.

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